Feature Store

Feature Stores offer simple yet powerful state management.

Key Principles#

  • Less Boilerplate: With the FeatureStore API you can update state without writing actions and reducers
  • A Feature Store manages feature state directly
  • The state of a Feature Store integrates into the global state

What's Included#

The MiniRx FeatureStore API:

  • setState() update the feature state
  • select() select state from the feature state object as RxJS Observable
  • effect() run side effects like API calls and update feature state
  • undo() easily undo setState actions (requires UndoExtension)

How the FeatureStore works

Feature Stores make use of Redux too: Behind the scenes a Feature Store is creating a feature reducer and a "setState" action. MiniRx dispatches that action when calling setState() and the corresponding feature reducer will update the feature state accordingly.