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MiniRx - The RxJS Redux Store

Make hard things simple - Keep simple things simple

Redux Store

MiniRx is a full-blown Redux Store to manage global, application-wide state: It includes actions, reducers, meta reducers, memoized selectors and redux dev tools support.

Feature Stores

Bypass Redux Boilerplate for simple feature states: Update state without actions and reducers with the FeatureStore API.


State and actions are exposed as RxJS Observable. MiniRx has a RxJS-based side effects model: Let the action stream trigger side effects like API calls and handle race conditions with RxJS flattening operators.

Framework agnostic and TypeScript friendly

MiniRx works with any front-end project built with JavaScript or TypeScript (Angular, Svelte, React, Vue, or anything else). The MiniRx API comes with TypeScript type definitions.