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MiniRx Store requires only a minimum of configuration to get started.


Pass an empty configuration to configureStore to get hold of the Store instance:

import { configureStore, Store } from 'mini-rx-store';

const store: Store = configureStore({});

With the Store instance we can already add reducers (dynamically), select state, dispatch actions and create effects.

Redux Setup

Read "Redux" Store Setup to see the Redux related configuration options.


We can add extensions to the Store config to add additional functionality.

Currently, these extensions are included in MiniRx:

  • Redux DevTools Extension: Inspect state with the Redux DevTools
  • Immutable Extension: Enforce state immutability
  • Undo Extension: Undo dispatched actions
  • Logger Extension: console.log the current action and updated state

Example: Add the LoggerExtension

import { LoggerExtension } from 'mini-rx-store';

const store: Store = configureStore({
extensions: [new LoggerExtension()]