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Undo Extension

With the Undo Extension we can easily undo actions which have been dispatched to the store.

Register the extension

Configure the store with the UndoExtension:

import { UndoExtension } from 'mini-rx-store';

const store: Store = configureStore({
extensions: [
new UndoExtension()


The Undo Extension buffers the last 100 actions by default to be able to undo an action. You can configure the buffer like this:

new UndoExtension({bufferSize: 200})

Undo an Action (Redux API)

In order to undo an action, we need to cache the action which we want to undo. Later we can dispatch an undo action which takes the cached action as payload.


import { Action, undo } from 'mini-rx-store';
import { RemoveTodo } from './todo-actions';

const removeAction: Action = new RemoveTodo(3); // Cache the action which we want to undo
store.dispatch(removeAction); // Dispatch the action to the Store
store.dispatch(undo(removeAction)); // Undo the dispatched action

Undo an setState action (Feature Store)

The Undo Extension also enables the undo functionality in Feature Stores.

Read more here Undo setState Actions with undo