Update State

Use setState to update the state of a Feature Store right away. setState accepts a Partial Type. This allows us to pass only some properties of a bigger state interface.

selectTodo(id: number) {
this.setState({selectedTodoId: id});

Do you need to update the state based on the current state? setState accepts a callback function which gives you access to the current state.

// Update state based on current state
addTodo(todo: Todo) {
this.setState(state => ({
todos: [...state.todos, todo]

For better logging in the JS Console / Redux Dev Tools you can provide an optional name to the setState function:

this.setState({selectedTodoId: id}, 'selectTodo');

Undo setState Actions with undo#

We can easily undo setState actions with the Undo Extension installed.

Calling setState returns an action which can be used to perform an Undo.

import { Action } from 'mini-rx-store';
removeTodo(id: number): Action {
return this.setState(state => ({
todos: state.todos.filter(item => item.id !== id)
removeAndUndo() {
const todoRemoveAction: Action = this.removeTodo(2);