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Create a Feature Store

There are 2 Options to create a new Feature Store.

Option 1: Extend FeatureStore

import { FeatureStore } from 'mini-rx-store';
import { Todo } from './todo';

export interface TodoState {
todos: Todo[];
selectedTodoId: number

export const initialState: TodoState = {
todos: [],
selectedTodoId: undefined

export class TodoFeatureStore extends FeatureStore<TodoState> {
constructor() {
super('todo', initialState)

Extending the FeatureStore requires to pass the feature key (e.g. 'todo') and the initial state. We have to provide a TypeScript interface to FeatureStore to get type safety: FeatureStore<TodoState>.

Option 2: Functional creation method

We can create a Feature Store with createFeatureStore.

const todoFs: FeatureStore<TodoState> = createFeatureStore<TodoState>('todo', initialState);

The following examples will be based on Option 1 (Extend).