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Redux DevTools Extension

With the Redux DevTools Extension we can easily inspect state and actions.

Redux DevTools for MiniRx

MiniRx has basic support for the Redux DevTools. These are the current possibilities:

  • Inspect current state
  • See the history of actions
  • Inspect the action payload of all actions in the history
  • Time travel to previous actions to restore previous states


You need to install the Browser Plugin to make it work.

Register the extension

Configure the store with the ReduxDevtoolsExtension:

import { ReduxDevtoolsExtension } from 'mini-rx-store';

const store: Store = configureStore({
extensions: [
new ReduxDevtoolsExtension({
name: 'MiniRx Showcase',
maxAge: 25,
latency: 1000


Currently, these options are available to configure the DevTools:

  • name: the instance name to be shown on the DevTools monitor page.
  • maxAge: maximum allowed actions to be stored in the history tree. The oldest actions are removed once maxAge is reached. It's critical for performance. Default is 50.
  • latency: if more than one action is dispatched in the indicated interval, all new actions will be collected and sent at once. Default is 500 ms.