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With extensions, we can extend the functionality of MiniRx Store.

What's Included

MiniRx Store comes with following extensions:

  • Redux DevTools Extension: Inspect global state with the Redux DevTools
  • Immutable Extension: Enforce state immutability
  • Undo Extension: Undo dispatched actions or undo Feature Store setState
  • Logger Extension: console.log the current action and updated state

Register Extensions

Extensions can be registered by passing a configuration object to configureStore. The extensions property accepts an array of Extension instances.

For example:

import { 
} from 'mini-rx-store';

const store: Store = configureStore({
extensions: [
new LoggerExtension(),
new ImmutableStateExtension()

Like this, the extensions are available for the (Redux) Store and for every Feature Store.

Component Store

These extensions have support for Component Store:

  • Immutable Extension
  • Undo Extension
  • Logger Extension

For registering Extensions with Component Store, please refer to the Component Store docs.